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Support Services

Admin Support

We recognize the value in long-term client relationships. With our ongoing support, you can speak to a certified cloud admins already familiar with the nuances and specifics of your particular org and business process. Let us keep you ahead of cutting edge releases and features that can dramatically enhance your business process. Technology moves quickly, but we can keep you up to date so that you can focus on your business.

On Call Support

Have an issue that needs immediate resolution? Our certified cloud consultants will work to resolve your issue quickly and comprehensively.


Consulting Services 


We have a team of certified cloud experts who have the proficiency and in-depth knowledge in every domain which makes it easy for them to fulfil any of your cloud application, platform type, and integration needs. We provide implementation oversight, business and technology alignment, full adoption and maximum business value to your Business.

Integration Services

We provide salesforce integration services where our experts who have proven hands on experience on integration with salesforce tools help you to fully integrate Salesforce with your ERP, Accounting System, Marketing and customer service, order management, and all other critical systems that you need to integrate.

  • We can develop end to end Salesforce solutions using Configuration and customization using APEX Class, Triggers, Visualforce pages, Lightning components etc.
  • We build integrations between Salesforce and external applications using REST, SOAP APIs, oAuth and Single Sign-On.
  • We also build custom applications in Salesforce Lightning experience and develop custom reusable Lightning components and apps using JavaScript, Aura framework and SLDS



Our cloud experts are masters in creating innovative customized solutions to fit your exclusive business needs. With your AWS/Azure/Salesforce platform we deliver value and fulfil all your business demands. We have automated many processes to support better knowledge of cloud customization services.



  • We can assist you with migrating existing classic apps to cloud apps. 
  • We have the ability to effectively debug and resolve technical issues and/or defects which may be reported as a result of faults in the production system. 
  • We can help our clients migrate changes from development to test to production environment(s) using CI technologies like Jenkins, ANT and Salesforce DX,
  •  We perform independent code reviews and certify code developed by self and other junior team members on the project. 
  • Manage risks and issues as well as cross dependencies with other teams. Communicate effectively with internal teams and clients to address technical design and functional gaps.

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