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End-User Training/Support

New members joining the team? Schedule training sessions whenever you bring a new team member on-board to ensure they get up and running quickly. Avoid in-house staffing overhead for part-time needs. Let us maintain your cloud helpdesk and service individual user requests.Our aim is exclusively focused on high quality training that are tailored to corporate needs. The training is delivered through performance drive by professional trainers. Our training can be delivered across all over the country.

Corporate Training

Corporate Training is intended to begin with an essential outline of various tools for AWS/Azure/Salesforce clouds. Our Corporate Training empowers organisations to adequately oversee data about the individuals in their association. From the Organization Management point of view, a trained team can bring in expected results.

OPT Training

Optional Practical Training (OPT) is temporary employment that we offer for F-1 students from engineering and science areas of study. We believe in developing you, the whole you. That’s why our coding academy programs are designed to help you discover and develop your strengths. At GALLEGA, it’s not just about developing the coding skills. We work with our students to develop the soft skills that employers are looking for in employees. During OPT Training, you can choose to trained as

  • AWS/Azure Certified Cloud Architect
  •  Salesforce Admin/Developer
  •  User interface and experience design developer (UI Developer)
  • Full-stack web developer (Python)
  •  Data analyst
  •  Product management / Business Analyst

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